1. We are Jesus Culture

It’s all about Jesus not me.

2. We are Employee Owned

It’s about being an owner and an heir not a slave.

3. We are Irrationally Generous

It’s about irrationally giving because we have faith eyes.

4. We are Faith-filled, Bet-the- farm, Risk Takers.

It’s about active faith.

5. We are No-nonsense Truth Tellers.

It’s about teaching and living God’s Word

6. We are Ready to GO.

It’s about being prepared for Jesus’ coming and prepared to bring Jesus salvation to those in crisis.

7. We Get To.

It’s about the joy and privilege of being part of Jesus eternal work by grace.

8. We Fish for the Big One.

It’s about targeted outreach.

9. We Do Feet.

It’s about serving.

10. We Raise Adults.

It’s about ongoing growth.