UNITE Youth Ministry


Unite is something truly unique

We are 6th-12th graders who are in love with Jesus and want to bring as many of our friends as possible along for the ride!

We are leaders wherever we go. At UNITE, the adults don’t really do much, it’s us. We set up, we tear down, we run the games, we lead the prayers, we sing, we dance, we act in the skits, and we do it all for Him. 

We are having a blast! From the minute the doors open, UNITE is lit! Pizza, games, music, skits, worship, word, hanging out. No question, it’s the best part of our week!

We are growing! Growing in our love for Christ, growing in our knowledge of who He is and what He said, growing in numbers as we talk to our friends and our schools about Jesus.

We are… UNITE!